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The Woodlands helps patient get home after spinal surgery

Barbara Lowery, seated, with Brooke Jeffris, licensed practical nurse

Barbara Lowery has come a long way since she arrived at The Woodlands in Muncie, Indiana, on Aug. 31, 2017.

Lowery had a stress fracture in her lower spine and had to have decompression surgery. When she came to the skilled nursing and rehab center, she needed total assistance with her activities of daily living and moderate assistance for all of her mobility....

The Woodlands helps cancer patient get back on her feet

Left to right: Erin Grasse, assistant director of rehab; Niranjan Javeri, physical therapist; Linda Templin; Dawn Wadman, occupational therapist; and Kate Alcini, physical therapist assistant

Linda Templin came to The Woodlands in Muncie, Indiana, for rehabilitation after having surgery for bladder cancer.

When Templin arrived on May 19, 2017, she needed extensive assistance to walk and roll over in bed. She needed moderate assistance with activities of daily living, including hygiene, bathing and getting dressed, as well as with transferring from one surface to another....

The Woodlands helps local man recover from hip replacement

Norman Gregory with his wife

Norman Gregory came to The Woodlands in Muncie, Indiana, on Dec. 30, 2016, after a hip replacement surgery.

When Gregory arrived, he was not able to walk and needed extensive assistance to get around and take care of his daily needs, like grooming, bathing and getting dressed.

The Woodlands helps Barger combat COPD

Donna Barger

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease had significantly weakened Donna Barger.

Barger came to The Woodlands in Muncie, Indiana, on July 7, 2017, for help restoring her strength. When she arrived, she was walking with a four-wheeled walker only up to 100 feet and required assistance with daily tasks like getting dressed, bathing and grooming....