Barbara Lowery, seated, with Brooke Jeffris, licensed practical nurse

Barbara Lowery has come a long way since she arrived at The Woodlands in Muncie, Indiana, on Aug. 31, 2017.


Lowery had a stress fracture in her lower spine and had to have decompression surgery. When she came to the skilled nursing and rehab center, she needed total assistance with her activities of daily living and moderate assistance for all of her mobility.


Physical and occupational therapists worked with Lowery five days a week for three weeks to help her recover independence. They used the Omnicycle machine to allow her to exercise her upper and lower body from a seated position. Weights and stretching bands also helped her recover strength and range of motion.


“Barbara worked hard to overcome a lot of adversity and struggled through her pain to regain her independence,” said Dawn Wadman, occupational therapist.


Therapy got me out of bed and back on my feet,” said Lowery. “The nurses and the staff… just everybody was great.”


Lowery returned home to her husband on Sept. 19 with home health services. She was able to walk with someone beside her to steady her, use a wheelchair safely and stand up with supervision. She needed minimal assistance with self-care tasks like getting dressed, bathing and grooming.