Juanita Lyons with Erin Grasse, occupational therapist assistant (standing); Dawn Wadman, occupational therapist (left); and Liz Schmidt, speech therapist (right)

Juanita Lyons experienced a hip fracture and weakness due to a fall and came to The Woodlands in Muncie, Indiana, for rehabilitation on Feb. 15, 2019.


When she arrived, Lyons needed moderate assistance with her bed mobility, bathing and dressing. She needed some help with walking, transfers (such as from a wheelchair to a chair) and grooming tasks like brushing her hair. In addition, she had some difficulty with cognition, speaking and swallowing.


The Woodlands’ rehabilitation team was able to turn Lyons’ story into one of success. Physical, occupational and speech therapists met with her five days a week. The PT team worked with her on strength and mobility, while OT focused on her ability to take care of herself and ST aimed to help her think and speak clearly and swallow safely.


“Juanita was a pleasure to work with,” said Erin Grasse, occupational therapist assistant. “She worked hard every day to achieve her goals to go home. Our daily saying was, ‘There’s no place like home.’”


Lyons did indeed reach her goals and returned home on March 11. She was independent in her bed mobility, transfers, speech and swallowing and could walk with a four-wheeled walker.


“The therapy department was fantastic,” said Lyons. “Everyone is extremely friendly here, and they all seemed like they wanted to help.”