Left to right: Erin Grasse, assistant director of rehab; Niranjan Javeri, physical therapist; Linda Templin; Dawn Wadman, occupational therapist; and Kate Alcini, physical therapist assistant

Linda Templin came to The Woodlands in Muncie, Indiana, for rehabilitation after having surgery for bladder cancer.


When Templin arrived on May 19, 2017, she needed extensive assistance to walk and roll over in bed. She needed moderate assistance with her activities of daily living, including hygiene, bathing and getting dressed, as well as with transferring from one surface to another. She also had difficulty with balance.


Physical and occupational therapists worked with Templin to increase her independence in mobility and functional tasks. Physical therapists used the Omnicycle exercise machine to help her lower-body strength and also used standing exercises like playing bean bag toss to work on balance. They did gait training with her to improve her walking. Occupational therapists used the Omnicycle as well, but for upper-body strengthening, and they trained her in her daily activity tasks.


Templin was able to return home on June 29, independent in her transfers and ability to get dressed. She still required supervision for walking, grooming and bathing, which home health therapy and her family were able to help her with.


Therapy was wonderful and helped me get back on my feet,” said Templin. “I would recommend The Woodlands to anybody.”