Cecil Dewees, seated, with Erin Grasse, occupational therapist assistant; Elizabeth Schmidt, speech therapist; Katherine Alcini, physical therapist assistant; and Niranjan Javeri, physical therapist

Cecil Dewees came to The Woodlands in Muncie, Indiana, for rehabilitation after general muscle weakness was keeping him from being independent.


When he arrived on Nov. 17, 2017, Dewees needed moderate assistance to walk and minimum to moderate assistance with daily routine tasks like getting dressed, bathing and grooming. He was also having some difficulty with cognition.


Speech therapists addressed Dewees’ thinking skills, while physical therapists focused on helping him regain strength with exercise machines, weight training and resistance bands. Occupational therapists retrained him in how to take care of himself.


“Cecil worked hard every day with a smile,” said Kate Alcini, physical therapist assistant. “He was very driven to achieve his goal to go home.”


Dewees went home with his daughter on Dec. 13, able to walk short distances with a walker and independent with his activities of daily living.


“When I came I couldn’t stand, and they made me a lot stronger,” said Dewees.